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You either get shaved a beard, or you live long enough to see yourself become a soul patch/mustache combo.

Considering it.

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Back for a little update. So after November I shaved the cheeks and clean it up a bit and kept the goatee until today. Now I’m back to the mustache and it feels right.

2012 will be the year of the mustache.

Day 30!

Well guys, today marks the end of our annual journey through beardom. It’s been fun (always is) and I thank you guys again for all the support. Sad to say, I haven’t made a lot of progress from last year, but that’s okay. I’ve learned this year that I have the ability to grow a nice little stringy goatee and mustache (the people actually acknowledge as facial hair.) I’ll keep the goatee for awhile but the main goal is to get the mustache back to where it was when we first started.

But tonight at midnight, I shave!

Thanks again, guys. See you next year. Maybe sooner if you’re lucky ;).

Day 29

Thinking about keeping the goatee after this is over. It was fun when I had it earlier this year, maybe it will be fun again. Maybe I’ll just name this blog, “Dan’s Goatee Blog - A photo documentation of my attempt to grow a goatee.”

Day 28

Week 4 complete! I’m ready for the end. Only a few more days.